The championship of Italy on football can pause for coronavirus

Чемпионат Италии по футболу могут приостановить из-за коронавируса

The Prime Minister of Italy, Giuseppe Conte said that all the matches of the 26th round of Serie A can be transferred due to the cases of coronavirus in the country.

“I doubt that in just one week we can slow down the spread of the virus enough to resume sports matches and competitions. We are constantly monitoring the situation and will evaluate it.

Let’s see how to behave in the infection. We have our finger on the pulse and will soon decide whether it is safe to hold football matches” – quoted Conte Football Italia.

We will remind, at the moment, in Italy more than 100 confirmed cases of coronavirus.

Earlier it was reported that the country’s leadership due to the coronavirus has already undergone a number of football matches, and not only in Serie A.

Milan La Scala theatre has cancelled performances due to the coronavirus.