The cherry blossoms in Washington this year will bloom ahead of schedule: when and where to watch

During March, except for one day, the temperature in Washington, DC (district of Columbia) was higher than normal for this period. Due to this, the famous cherry blossoms of Washington will soon bloom in all its glory, reports The Washington Post.

Сакуры в Вашингтоне в этом году зацветут раньше срока: когда и где смотреть

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Because of the warm weather in the region forecast of peak flowering Sakura shifted five days earlier. Before the peak bloom predicted for March 25-29. But most likely Sakura will bloom 20-24 March, with a peak on March 22.

If the peak flowering will come March 22, it will be the seventh earliest date in history (since 1921). The earliest recorded peak bloom was March 15, 1990. March 22 — it will be nine days earlier than the average value of the last 30 years (peak bloom was March 31), and 12 days earlier than the average value recorded for the entire period (from 1921 to 2019) — 3 APR.

Early flowering is also observed in many other trees in this region, they will begin to bloom two to three weeks ahead of schedule.

In addition, Leslie of Frattaroli, programme Manager, natural resources in the Park Service, said that “tree-display” flowering cherry trees in Washington have blossomed. Typically, other trees reach their peak of flowering about 7-10 days after “tree indicator”.

The abnormally mild weather, which began in the winter, accelerated the flowering cycle this year. Sakura reached the first stage of “green buds” on 28 February (fourth earliest date from 2004) and second stages “visible flower buds” just four days later, on 3 March.

Ian Livingston of The Capital Weather Gang wrote on Twitter that four-day interval between the first and the second stage was the shortest in the entire history of observations since 2004.

Mild weather this week will cause the buds rapidly develop to the fourth stage — “the elongation of the peduncle”.

14-16 March the temperature will decrease and the development of the buds will slow down, but by Tuesday of next week again will become warmer. This heat can push the flowers to the final stage of “white flowering”. Usually the peak of flowering, this is the sixth and last stage, coming a few days.

To predict temperature and a further 20 Mar difficult, so it is likely that the flowering process will be slowed down, if will be cooler. If the temperature for the next 10 days will be higher than projected, peak flowering may occur slightly earlier on March 20. Then it will be in front of the National cherry blossom festival, which will take place from 20 March to 12 April.

But even if the peak bloom will come before March 20, when warm and dry weather with weak winds, the flowers will remain on the trees for a week or so.

To see the Japanese cherry blossoming in Washington at the center of the city:

  • The tidal basin (Tidal Basin in West Potomac park);
  • Park East Potomac;
  • The National Mall.

It grows here about three thousand trees donated by the mayor of Tokyo to Washington in 1912. Sakura has brought to the city 106 years ago as a symbol of friendship between Japan and the United States. Then the first two trees near the Tidal basin planted the First Lady Helen Taft and the wife of the Ambassador of Japan, Viscountess Chinda.



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