The chief coach of “Tottenham” will cost the London club in the fabulous sum

Увольнение главного тренера "Тоттенхэма" обойдется лондонскому клубу в баснословную сумму

Mauricio Pochettino (left) and Jose Mourinho

London “Tottenham” announced the appointment of a new head coach.

He became Jose Mourinho, who replaced at the helm of “spurs” Mauricio Pochettino.

While Argentinian specialist will not long grieve, because the amount of compensation that the club will have to pay Mauricio under the contract will be 12.5 million pounds (14.6 million euros) and 8 million pounds (9.4 million euros) penalty, reports The Independent.

Note that the Treasury Tottenham, currently, are far from filling, primarily because of the large costs incurred by the club to build a new stadium in operation only this year.

For this reason, the “spur” in the winter of established the dubious achievement of the English Premier League, two transfer “Windows” in a row without buying a single player.