The chief of police of Toronto found “guilty” in the accident (PHOTO)

Шеф полиции Торонто нашел «виновного» в ДТП  (ФОТО)

When in doubt, blame the new technology. The chief of the Toronto police Mark Saunders struck a wave of criticism on Twitter for his comments on the harmful effects of Airpods on pedestrian safety. The comment was made after the organization campaigning for increased safety of pedestrians and cyclists in Toronto, criticized the lack of police measures to ensure road safety.

According to the Toronto Star, Toronto metro police plans to form a “team to ensure compliance with traffic Vision Zero” with city funding in the amount of $ 1 million.

These efforts were made after it was noted that the reduction measures for the enforcement of traffic rules led to the increase in the number of accidents on the streets of Toronto.

During the Council meeting mayor John Tory expressed support for the creation of a permanent team to ensure compliance with the rules of the road, which next year will be financed from the budget of the Toronto police.

However, according to the tweet of the Bureau chief the Toronto Star, the news from city hall David Ryder, after a meeting of the police Council, Saunders mentioned that “the fact that there are people wearing airpods”, is a cause of danger to pedestrians and the safety of cyclists.

Twitter shook the angry remarks of users concerning the Saunders, accusing him of neglecting and ignoring the urban statistics of injuries and deaths. What causes lack of control over road safety.

Some even demand that he resigned because of this statement.

“Police have done a lot that contributed to the fact that aggressive driving and extreme speeding has become the norm, forgetting about their duty to serve and protect on the streets,” reads one of the tweets.

Just a few weeks ago a cyclist on the Danforte bumped into the open door of the car in the same day when he was supposed to meet to discuss the pilot project for the placement of bike paths in the area.

As the days get darker, a week-long safety initiative was carried out by the police earlier this month. Due to bad weather and poor visibility, accidents at this time of year happen more often.

Although Toronto has begun a campaign to ensure road safety, many people seem to remain concerned about the growing problem of road accidents with pedestrians as victims. Many seem to agree that the Airpods didn’t have anything to do with it.