The children of illegal immigrants with U.S. citizenship, filed a lawsuit without any financial support in connection with the coronavirus

5 may the US citizens whose parents are undocumented, filed a Federal class action lawsuit because they were excluded from the aid package in connection with the coronavirus in the amount of $ 2 trillion, writes NPR.

Дети нелегалов, имеющие гражданство США, подали в суд, оставшись без финпомощи в связи с коронавирусом

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The lawsuit was filed in Federal court in Maryland by the Institute of constitutional protection under the Law center at Georgetown University along with CASA, a non-profit organization to protect the rights of immigrants, supports the Washington, D.C. and Pennsylvania. The plaintiffs were seven children ranging in age from 7 months to 9 years and their parents.

“My daughter is a US citizen,” said Carmen, a mother of one child from the trial, who did not want to give his full name because of immigration status.

“Like any other child is a US citizen, my daughter deserves equal rights, especially during this pandemic, said Carmen. Is an injustice”.

Since the loss of jobs across the country continue to grow because of the pandemic, the Federal law on assistance in connection with the coronavirus, adopted March 27, provides basic financial needs of the millions of people who pay taxes using your social security number, but not an individual taxpayer identification number, or ITIN, which is used by Karen and many others are illegal immigrants.

Every person eligible for Federal assistance receives a check for $1200 if its income is less than $75 000, or $2400 if a couple takes the taxes together. If the income is higher, the amount of change. Children individual taxpayers are also entitled to $500 for each child under the age of 17 years.

Carmen said that she pays income tax every year, using your ITIN. Before the pandemic, she worked two jobs in the food industry — one in the company of public catering, and the other at the pizzeria.

“This is the first time I stayed home with no income, she said. — I use my voice to protect the interests of my daughter.”

Carmen came to the U.S. from Lima, Peru, in 2001. She said she was concerned about their future and the future of the child during a pandemic.

“It’s a hard reality in which we live, — she said, begging state officials not to leave such children in a time of crisis. I hope that their hearts will soften and minds will open to see that our children are the future of the country.”

Mary McCord is the main lawyer on the class action suit.

“The lawsuit is based on violation of the equal protection of the Law CARES, which discriminary and excludes American children, said McCord, adjunct Professor law center at Georgetown University. It is one thing to discriminate against undocumented immigrants, making our system, but it is quite another thing to discriminate against the children of citizens of the United States.”

According to estimates McCord, in the country millions of children of illegal immigrants. The lawyer says that these young people “treated as second-class citizens” by denying them benefits under the Law CARES.

More importantly, according to McCord, it is pointless to deny these US citizens the benefits of assistance because they already have the right to other public benefit programs, such as Program support to food and benefits for SNAP and temporary assistance for needy families, or TANF.

“Under the Constitution, US citizens can not be discriminated against on grounds of foreign origin, said McCord. — These children did not choose who to be born, and nevertheless, they are treated differently than other U.S. citizens. And that is why many other public benefit programs continue to cover the children of citizens of the United States, because to do otherwise is to be discrimination”.

Nicholas Katz, senior Manager, legal services CASA, said that the implementation of the Law contrary to the promises of CARES.

“The purpose of the law CARES to help the most vulnerable members of our society at this difficult time,’ said Katz. — Immigrants make up almost a fifth of [advanced] workers during the pandemic. Absolutely outrageous that we rely on immigrant families to take care of our loved ones and help us with the basic inventory and yet deny their children the support to which they are entitled to U.S. citizenship”.

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