The children of the legendary Beatles followed in the footsteps of their fathers. Creation is no stranger to them

The group of four musicians had eleven children in total.

 The children of the legendary Beatles followed in the footsteps of their fathers. Creation is no stranger to them

The Beatles had 11 children who worked in creative industries, including in fashion and music. The photos went viral, showing James McCartney & ndash; who is also a musician & ndash; looking like his rocker father Paul.

These are the four most famous musicians in history, considered one of the most influential bands of all time. But aside from their rock star careers, all four of The Beatles were fathers & ndash; with this fantastic four with 11 children.

The Beatles children are also artists in their fields

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Photos appeared on the web featuring James McCartney & ndash; who & oacute; ry is also a musician & ndash; looking just like his rocker father Paul.

But what happened to the rest of the Beatles kids? From the famous Stella McCartney & ndash; who designed royal wedding dresses and Olympic costumes & ndash; to the less popular Jason Starkey, who followed in his father's drummer Ringo's footsteps, all of the band's sweethearts made their way through creative fields.

John Lennon had two son, Juliana, now 58 -year old, with his first wife Cynthia and Sean, 46-year-old, with his second wife Yoko Ono. Stepbrothers followed in their father's footsteps, both of them took up musical creativity.

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Paul McCartney: Four c & oacute the hands of Heather, Mary, Beatrice, Stella, and son James, all of whom have their father's own hands on design, photography and music.

With the most children of any Beatles, Paul McCartney makes up nearly half of the second generation of rockers, with four daughters and a son.

George Harrison: One son of Dhani Harrison, a musician like his father. The only child of Harrison and his Mexican-born second wife Olivia Arias, 43-year-old Dhani, grew up at George Friar Park's Gothic estate in Henley-on-Thames, Oxfordshire.

Despite their prosperity, his mother she offered him as ordinary childhood as possible, away from public opinion.

Her determination was driven only by that of Dhani, who, like many of the Beatles' children, felt the weight of public expectations. He was educated at the local Shiplake College public school and then at Brown University in the US, where he studied physics and design.

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