The Chinese authorities condemned the ‘savage attack’ on Hong Kong clerk in London (PHOTOS)

The Chinese authorities condemned the attack on the Secretary for justice of Hong Kong Teresa Cheng in London. As reported “Interfax” with reference to Asian media, Hong Kong administration advised against “all forms of violence and radicalism.”

The incident occurred on Thursday, November 14, when Teresa Cheng arrived in London. When she went to one of these events, it was surrounded by a group of demonstrators, who chanted “murderer” and “shame”. As a result, the Teresa Cheng fell to the ground and, according to Chinese media, were injured.

Kong also appealed to the London police with a request to thoroughly investigate the incident. In a separate statement, the head of Hong Kong Carrie Lam also strongly condemned the incident, which he called a “savage attack.”
In turn, the Chinese Embassy in the UK issued a statement in which he criticized the attack on Teresa Cheng. Chinese diplomats said that the attack was committed “violent offenders” and urged the British authorities to bring those responsible to justice.

Since the beginning of summer in Hong Kong held mass protests against the authorities ‘ attempts to approve the bill on extradition, which allows to give offenders mainland China. Opponents of the bill believe that it will undermine the judicial independence of Hong Kong and allow the Central government to deal with the opposition parties. The Hong Kong authorities announced the indefinite suspension of consideration of these amendments. But opponents of the bill remained dissatisfied with this and demanded to completely abandon the bill, continuing the protest.

One of such actions took place Monday morning on the campus of Hong Kong University, Chinese University of Hong Kong and Hong Kong Polytechnic University. Protesters in masks blocked the streets near the universities and main entrances. Police used tear gas and started detention of active participants of disorders. According to student Union of Chinese University of Hong Kong, during the operation to restore order, police used rubber bullets, one of the protesters was shot.

In addition, the protesters set fire to a man on a pedestrian bridge in a residential area of Hong Kong. The man complained against a group of protesting young people, arguing that they are not Chinese, but British. In response the rioters pointed out to him that he should leave Hong Kong. Then one of them threw the man an unknown liquid and set him on fire. The man is in critical condition, in addition to numerous burns, he has a head wound. Police have confirmed receiving many reports about this incident.