The Chinese diplomat accused the United States army in the delivery of coronavirus in Wuhan

The Chinese diplomat has reignited interest in the conspiracy theory that the epidemic of coronavirus in the world are the United States, according to Quartz.

Китайский дипломат обвинил армию США в доставке коронавируса в Ухань

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The representative of the Ministry of foreign Affairs of China Zhao Lijiang yesterday, 12 March, wrote on Twitter that it’s probably the us army has taken the coronavirus in China. This statement he gave official impetus to conspiracy theories, which for several weeks was discussed in Chinese social media.

Theory suggests that 300 athletes from the U.S. army, which in October participated in the 7th World military games in Wuhan, where the first outbreak, was infected with the virus, so that it began to spread in China.

Review Zhao was accompanied by a video with hearings in Congress this week about the epidemic. Robert Redfield, Director of the US Centers for control and prevention (CDC), said on the video that it was discovered that some patients who had been diagnosed with “died from flu” actually died from the coronavirus. The video became popular Chinese social network Weibo. Many commented that they now firmly believe that the United States hid the facts related to the epidemic.

Zhao, who was recently promoted to the position of press Secretary in the Ministry of foreign Affairs after he acquired the reputation of a diplomat, who often “attacks” on the United States in his remarks, blocked some Twitter user. They accused him that he is a disgrace to the Chinese government and spreading conspiracy theories still banned in China online.

Today he shared two articles Global Research, who claim that they are an independent research and media organization based in Montreal, that is another proof of the emergence of a coronavirus in the United States.

“This article is very important for each of us. Please read and remember it,” wrote Zhao.

The founder of Global Research — a canadian economist who adhere to conspiracy theories related to the swine flu epidemic, H1N1 and 9/11 in the past.

“The main motive for Chinese diplomats joined Twitter, to tell the story of China,” said Lokman Tsui, a Professor of communication at the Chinese University of Hong Kong. He also added that he did not think that diplomats need the approval of every tweet they send.

At today’s press briefing, another representative of the Ministry of foreign Affairs, Geng Shuang, said he would not comment on direct messages Zhao, but said that “the international community has different opinions” regarding the origin of the virus.

Conspiracy theory who seek to prove that China is the primary source of the virus is also becoming more popular in the help of the Chinese authorities. Recent comments Zhao only confirmed these allegations.

“I think it is quite possible. Regardless of whether Zhao proof of his claim, why should we pay attention how Western politicians are attacking China with made-up theories, and not to react when Chinese officials wonder whether the virus in the United States? All we ask is openness of the US authorities, ” said one Twitter user.

Probably the comment is a reference to the comment of the Senator from Arkansas, Tom cotton that Virology laboratory in Wuhan can be a source of the virus, however scientists around the world are denied the allegation.

The origin of the coronavirus is a topic that politicians in the US are increasingly using to their advantage as the spread of the epidemic in the country. For example, Secretary of state Mike Pompeo insisted on using the term “virus Wuhan” in relation to the epidemic, and the Congressman from California Kevin McCarthy has been criticized for the use of the phrase “Chinese coronavirus” on Twitter.




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