The Chinese ordered the murder of a competitor, but was caught from behind multiple outsourcing

Китаец заказал убийство конкурента, но попался из-за многократного аутсорсинга

A court in China sentenced six people to prison when the perpetrators of the assassination have decided to transfer the ordering customer in the chain, according to

In 2013, a resident of Nanning, the administrative center of Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous region of China, decided to eliminate a competitor and hired a hit man who was paid two million yuan.

The killer took the money and gave half the amount and details of the competitor to his colleague, who, in turn, demanded from the customer a million. The customer promised to pay a million yuan after the execution of the murder.

Then the second killer found the third, paid that 270 thousand yuan, and promised another 500 after the execution of the order.

The third killer has also decided to transfer the order, finding the fourth and having paid that 200 thousand yuan, and promised to give another 500 after.

Fourth, the killer found the fifth, but paid that only 100 thousand.

Fifth, in turn, decided that for the money to get your hands dirty do not want, and in April 2014, asked the victim about the meeting in a cafe, where he tried to persuade the man to fake his own death. However, the potential victim, after hearing the killer, went to the police.

Thus, at the dock there were six people: the customer and the five potential killers.

The court sentenced the customer to five years in prison, the first of the stars to three and a half years in prison, the second and the third to three years and three months in prison, the fourth to three years, and five to two years and seven months in prison.