The cholesterol in these foods will kill you before the time

How often do people eat for Breakfast foods that contains huge amount of cholesterol, without knowing it. On the one hand, they have become accustomed to quick and tasty Breakfast, and on the other hand, it is necessary to change something, because elevated levels of cholesterol in the body can lead to premature death. American scientists from northwestern University conducted a study which found that people who very often eat the eggs, prone to cardiovascular diseases. The experiment consisted of 6 trials. Around 35,000 people have agreed to participate on a voluntary basis. They filled in questionnaires-questionnaires on their diet, and then switched to “diet”, with a duration of 31 years. All this time, researchers monitored their health.

Холестерин в этих продуктах убьет вас раньше времени

In the course of the experiment revealed the following: if every day to eat 300 milligrams of dietary cholesterol, then increase the following indicators: a disease of the cardiovascular system – 17%, early mortality was 18%. Volunteers who in a week for about 4 eggs had the following inflated figures: the risk of heart disease 6%, death 8%. These figures must be added to the existing probability of illness and death.

In connection with the shocking research results, doctors strongly recommend to reduce the amount of consumption of eggs , red meat, fatty butter, whipped cream with a high percentage of fat. Nevertheless, eliminate these foods also not recommended, because in addition to the cholesterol it contains important nutrients such as: amino acids, iron and choline. These components are essential and very important for productive activities and human health. Remember: hearty and delicious doesn’t always mean that it is safe and useful.