The citizen of Belarus tried to take US notes and bonds of the Russian Empire (PHOTO)

Гражданка Белоруссии пыталась вывезти в США банкноты и облигации времен Российской империи (ФОТО)

In the National airport “Minsk” stopped the export of banknotes and securities of the Russian Empire, told in the Minsk regional customs.

The cultural values found in the suitcase 62-year-old resident of Volozhin district of Minsk region of Belarus. She flew to USA with a stopover in Amsterdam. “The woman chose to follow the “green corridor”, thus declaring the lack of goods subject to customs Declaration. But at examination of Luggage, customs officers found among the personal belongings of 83 units of banknotes and securities”, informs the official website of the State customs Committee of Belarus.

According to the expert of the customs laboratory of the 83 items discovered 77 belong to the category of cultural values and are the banknotes of the years 1914-1919 and securities 1866-1917 years of the Russian Empire.

The Ministry recalled that the export of natural persons of cultural property in the quality of goods for personal use shall be performed under permit issued by the Ministry of culture of Belarus, and subject to mandatory Declaration. “Such conclusions at the citizen was not”, – said there.

On this fact the Minsk regional customs conducted checks on the signs of an administrative offense under part 1 of article 14.5 of the administrative code of Belarus “failure to Declare or unreliable Declaration of goods.”