The City of Quebec threatens to seize two buildings of Éric Duhaime for unpaid taxes

Quebec City threatens to seize two properties of Éric Duhaime for taxes unpaid


The City of Quebec is threatening to seize two buildings of the leader of the Conservative Party of Quebec (PCQ) Éric Duhaime, for non-payment of municipal taxes since 2020, discovered our Bureau of investigation. 

According to documents we have consulted, the City is claiming more than $14,000 from the leader of the PCQ, in connection with two buildings.

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The City of Quebec claims that there has been a default of payment of exactly $12,363.39 since 2020, in connection with a semi-detached house that Éric Duhaime owns in the Montcalm district, near Grande Allée. Duhaime had purchased this property for $600,000 in 2018.

As the owner, the leader of the PCQ also has a debt of $1,848.92, an amount that has been unpaid since 2021 in connection with a building located not far from the Saint-Sacrement hospital. Mr. Duhaime had acquired this property for $281,000 in 2020.

Legal obligation

“Municipalities have a legal obligation to collect taxes (…). The process of selling immovables for non-payment of taxes constitutes a regular collection procedure at the City of Quebec”, explains the City's Finance Department in a decision-making summary.

< p>The sums were still due as of August 29, indicates the Service des finances.

If the tax bills were not paid within the next year, the city of Quebec would become the owner of Éric Duhaime's buildings “irrevocably”.

“Not aware”

Contacted Friday afternoon to find out if he wanted to comment, Éric Duhaime replied by text message: “Yes. It is the tenant who must pay the taxes. I am not aware. who should I contact?

A little later, his press officer sent us the following statement: “Mr. Duhaime informs me that he contacted his tenant as soon as he found out, he immediately went to the rounding up to pay the amount due. Thank you for informing us of this blunder.”

More than a thousand other addresses are also targeted by the city of Quebec in the same procedure, because the tax accounts associated with them are not have not been paid.

This is not the first time that Éric Duhaime has had problems with the city of Quebec as an owner. In August 2018, Radio-Canada reported that Mr. Duhaime had received a notice of violation from the City “because a building that belongs to him was used for temporary rental without having the necessary permit”.


The notice was sent after two neighbors complained. According to Radio-Canada, the file was closed after the rental ad was removed from the Airbnb site.

-With the collaboration of Philippe Langlois