The city of Toronto continues to challenge the decision of the province on the reduction of city Council (PHOTO)

Мэрия Торонто продолжает оспаривать решение провинции о сокращении горсовета (ФОТО)

The press service of the city hall of Toronto announced that they will appeal in the Supreme Court of Canada to challenge the constitutionality of a provincial law passed last year with the intention to reduce the number of deputies of the city Council.

This action on the part of city administration could have been foreseen a week ago, when the main judicial body, the Ontario not-unanimous decision 3-2 took the side of the province.

In its ruling, the Ontario court of Appeal said that the unexpected move did not prevent the candidates or the voters to freely Express their opinion.

However, two of the minority judges concluded that the law actually violates candidates ‘ rights to free expression and should be abolished.

Earlier this year the Council of Toronto had given his counsel instructions on the procedure for challenging the legality of the reduction of the Council, including an appeal to the Supreme court of Canada if necessary.

On Friday, in response to a request for comment, the office of the Premier, Doug Ford was silent.