The city will expand the discount program to travel TTC for another 23,000 residents (PHOTO)

Город расширит скидочную программу на проездные TTC для еще 23,000 жителей (ФОТО)

The city will offer 23 thousands of Toronto residents with low incomes access to their discount program of visits to TTC. Mayor John Tory said that it will make life more affordable for residents who are struggling to cope.

Before this discount was offered 150 thousand inhabitants, who receive payments through the Ontario Works or Ontario Disability Support Program, but now more will be added 23,000 of Toronto residents who receive payments for the care of children.

It is also noted that the families of those 17,284 children who are still in the queue for subsidies will not be able to get a discount on the fare.
Mayor Tory stated that he is upset by the fact that these people will not be able to go on discount, but so far nothing can be done so as to confirm their status in another way is impossible.

Participants will be able to save about $32 (total will come out to $119,4) monthly. Each trip will become cheaper so about a dollar and will cost about $2,05. The program was launched in April 2018 in the framework of the city strategy for poverty reduction.

Discount program for the poor will cost the government about $2.4 million a year. This means that all existing discount programs a year will cost about $25 million.

Given that from April 2018 officially over 150,000 Toronto residents are entitled to discounts for the poor, today it has recorded on it a total of about 62,000.