The claim on $20 trillion: the American lawyer has filed a lawsuit against China due to coronavirus

Attorney Larry Kleiman from the United States, a conservative human rights organization Freedom Watch and Studio photography Buzz Photos from Texas filed a lawsuit against the government of the PRC. The authors of the claim argue that the coronavirus SARS-CoV-2 is a “biological weapon” and accused China in its use. The amount of the claim is $20 trillion, the text of the claim posted on the law firm Klemchuk LLP, writes ZN.

Иск на $20 трлн: американский адвокат подал в суд на Китай из-за коронавируса

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Defendants in the lawsuit stated people’s Republic of China people’s liberation army of China General Chen Wei, and the Institute of Virology of Wuhan and its Director Shi Jinli.

The plaintiffs accused China in the creation and intentional or accidental spread of the coronavirus that went beyond China’s Hubei province and entered the territory of the United States.

The virus, according to the compilers of the claim, is “biological weapons of mass destruction” and therefore the action of China is contrary to international law.

Company Buzz Photos, as they say in the lawsuit due to the cancellation of the school prom in terms of quarantine, suffered significant losses, were forced to lay off employees and was on the verge of bankruptcy.

The plaintiffs put forward China charges six counts, which include material support to terrorists, conspiracy to injury and even death to citizens of the United States, negligence and the promotion of risk of death or serious harm to the health of U.S. citizens.

The lawsuit was filed March 17.

Larry Elliot Kleiman is an American lawyer and civic activist conservative wing, a supporter of the conspiracy theory and enemy of the Democratic party. Kleiman known 18 civil lawsuits against members of the Clinton family. He filed lawsuits against Barack Obama, Joe Biden, was trying through the courts to achieve the removal of spectracolor Robert Mueller from the leadership of the investigation of the Russian intervention in the American elections.

The absolute majority of his claims Kleiman lost. However, he repeatedly sought the courts of the disclosure of non-public documents, which, in turn, caused new scandals. In the 1990s, the activity of Kleinman led to the resignation of several employees of the White house.

For misconduct and contempt of court he is banned for life to come into the building the California Federal court and District court for the southern district of new York.

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