The clergyman appeals to the faithful. “Just a shame.” What is it about

A recording circulated on the Internet, in which the priest thunders from the pulpit about the insubordination of parishioners, who less and less often participate in services and mass.

The clergyman appeals to the faithful.

attendance of the faithful. Many are not surprised by this, because according to various prophecies, the elements of which are fulfilled before our eyes, faith and the Christian religion are undergoing enormous difficulties.

Less and less church attendance

When we remember the difficult time related to the polarization of society in the subject of the right to life, we may think of numerous attacks on the buildings of Christian temples, on clergy and believers defending entry into the church.

We must also remember about numerous matters related to the violation of children's rights by clergymen, which are protected by church hierarchs in the name of canon law, which makes an increasing number of the faithful, especially young people, turn away from the faith and institution of the church.

The effects of this were illuminated by the clergyman shown in the film, who read from the pulpit the results of counting the faithful, which are terrifying. As it turns out, the parish priest of St. Ap. Peter and Paul in Kamień Krajeński, he informed the faithful that only 28 percent of all parishioners attended Holy Mass, and only 24 percent of the faithful who are entitled to this sacrament received Holy Communion.

Last Sunday all over Poland there was a counting of the faithful participating in the church in the Holy Mass and receiving Holy Communion. A total of 1025 believers participated in our parish […] I am simply ashamed and lacking any words, because these data were sent to the Diocesan Curia in Pelplin, and from there to the Institute of Statistics of the Catholic Church in Warsaw. People, remember – the parish priest thundered.