The clergyman collected testimonies from people who experienced the “other side”. What they experienced

What are the experiences of clinical death survivors?

The clergyman collected testimonies of people who experienced

As the “Interia” portal reminds, there is no shortage of people's accounts that found themselves on the other side. Interestingly, regardless of who the person experiencing clinical death is and what corner of the world he lives in, he describes experiences very similar to others. The near-death experience greatly interested Father Wiktor Szponar, who decided to take a closer look at this matter. What conclusions did he reach?

Clinical death

Clinical death and the experiences that patients have after it have been of great interest to doctors, above all. The Dutch cardiologist decided to present the results of his research in the scientific journal “The Lancet”.

Dr. Prim van Lommel looked at a group of 344 out of 509 patients whose heart was able to recover after it stopped beating. 62 people from the study group experienced near-death experiences. Among these experiences was “moving through a tunnel with a light at the end, a movie of life, meeting dead people, being able to observe the resuscitation of oneself”.

The clergyman collected testimonies of people who experienced the

In Poland it is still not very popular subject

Father Wiktor Szponar admits that there are still not many people in Poland dealing with this topic. He himself began to study the subject after it turned out that the Catholic bones did not take a stand on the subject. He himself decided to fill this gap a bit and analyze the situation from the theological side. He stipulates, however, that this is not the official position of the Church.

While preparing the book, he talked to Poles who experienced clinical death. One of the people she told about her experiences was Halina Kobiela, who faced death in 2005. She survived a car accident during that time.

“I saw the whole area of ​​the crash site, but from above. Everything was very clear, very bright, but the light did not blind me in any way. intersection, my perception of reality and the ability to remember information were very high “- she reported.

 The priest collected testimonies of people who experienced the

The woman added that she was aware that she was dead. However, she did not feel anxious about it, but calm. She pointed out that she saw her late dad and neighbor. However, she did not look her father in the face because, as she admitted, she felt that if she did, she would not come back to life.

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