The clubs of the English Premier League agreed to spend part of the remaining matches of the season on a neutral arenas

Клубы Английской Премьер-Лиги согласились провести часть оставшихся матчей сезона на нейтральных аренах

In the English Premier League has reached an in principle agreement to conduct several of the remaining matches of the season 2019/20 on a neutral field, reports the

Initially, the clubs were against such prospects due to the loss of income from sponsorship contracts, which apply to their home arenas.

However, under pressure from the British police clubs were forced to compromise.

In particular, law enforcement officials feared that in case of winning the title Liverpool at Anfield, they will not be able to ensure the safety of the fans in the conditions existing at Albion quarantine.

The Council agreed that the neutral ground will play a small number of matches. A decision on each will be taken separately.

Previously, the owners of the clubs were allowed in the rest of the season hold up to five substitutions in a match, also approved increasing the maximum number of players on the bench from 7 to 9.

In the Premier League season is scheduled to resume June 17.