The CMQ initiates an action against the mayor of Pointe-Lebel

The CMQ is taking action against the mayor of Pointe-Lebel


The Commission municipale du Québec (CMQ) has filed an action for disqualification against the mayor of Pointe-Lebel, René Labrosse, who should never have been elected to head this municipality of the Côte- North last fall.

According to an investigation conducted by the CMQ, René Labrosse did not meet the eligibility conditions provided for by law to be registered on the electoral list because he had not lived on the territory of the municipality for at least six months.

The appeal must be heard next August 17. Until then, Mayor Labrosse will remain in office.

Municipal councilors were not surprised by this CMQ initiative, they who have had a tense relationship with the mayor since the election of the last fall.

The councilors denounce the mayor's absence from regular meetings and want to disassociate themselves from his remarks launched in the media without consulting them.

The Municipal Commission must elsewhere to render its conclusions on August 22, after an investigation into the management of the municipality.

For his part, the mayor prefers to wait for the judgment of the Superior Court to comment, but René Labrosse mentioned that he would not contest the decision.

In any case, he had wanted to resign for several months because of the bickering within the board, he claimed.