The CNM Evolution ferry season is over

CNM Évolution ferry season is over


The season for the CNM Evolution ferry, which connects Rimouski to Forestville, is over, in particular due to soaring gas prices and the lack of tourists. 

The owner of the ship, Hilaire Journeault, justifies this decision by explaining that he has lost $100,000 since the start of the season. 

Mr. Journeault admits in the same breath that the mechanical problems of this summer probably created bad publicity for him among tourists.

The mayors of Forestville and Rimouski are not surprised by this decision when the number and the frequency of crossings had been reduced during the month of July.

Micheline Anctil and Guy Caron still regret that this decision comes when the tourist season is not yet over.

The owner of the catamaran still hopes to relaunch a 2023 season.

The city of Forestville, like that of Rimouski, is already working with a new owner who wants to offer reliable service. 

< p>This is also the wish of the member for René-Lévesque, Martin Ouellet, who recalls that a study by the Société des traversiers du Québec had highlighted the importance of this crossing.

Usually , the CNM Evolution ferry season ends around mid-September. 

With this early end to the season, 25 employees have found themselves laid off.