The coast That pirates captured four sailors of a Greek tanker (PHOTO)

У побережья Того пиратами захвачены четверо моряков греческого танкера (ФОТО)

Four crew members of a Greek tanker Elka Aristotle was taken hostage by unidentified gunmen off the coast of Togo, reports “Interfax” with reference to the Navy of this country.

“On Monday, November 4, 2019, at about 03:00, the tanker Elka Aristotle … was attacked by armed persons at about 18 kilometers from the port of lomé,” – said in a statement released by the Navy statement. Among the captured two Filipino, one Greek and one Georgian.

Security tanker clashed with the pirates, as a result, one of the guards was wounded.

Earlier it was reported about nine abducted on Monday the crew of the Norwegian vessel the MV Bonita, all of them are citizens of the Philippines. Seafarers kidnapped in the time when the ship was at anchor off the coast of Benin. The shipowner reported that the group of emergency response the company started work, the people search launched by the police in Benin.