The collapse of the hryvnia may occur in January 2020

Ukrainian scientist and economist Andriy Novak has warned that the hryvnia will be shattered in January, it was in this period will be its collapse.

Обвал гривны может произойти уже в январе 2020 года

He told this in an interview Politeka Online on the Youtube channel of the program, reports “Hvil”.

According to experts, the best time for the collapse of the hryvnia, when people are distracted by something. In this period of time would be ideal the month of January. In the new year and Christmas holidays all going out for almost a month, to buy gifts and spend the hryvnia. So, “these speculators-players, senior officials of the NBU and the government” preferred to do the collapse of the hryvnia in January.

“The budget for 2020 laid the course of 27.5, while in the first version of the budget that was submitted in the first reading, generally served rate of 28.2, for some reason… When at the time of submitting the budget market rate was 25. So the government with the NBU in the budget for next year lay the devaluation of the hryvnia, the collapse of its exchange rate,” — said Novak.

The analyst added that this situation is due to the fact that the economic leadership of Ukraine has its own agreement with the same speculators who are in this situation want to cash in on ordinary citizens. And it will happen with anything, just on the difference of the course.

Also Novak said that the country has no economic policy, so this “muddy swamp” that occurs now in Ukraine hryvnia.

Finally, the economist said that in 2020 the standard of living in Ukraine will depend on a variety of factors that have accumulated over recent economic problems.

“From year to year we discuss the same problem: the hryvnia will be enough money in the budget or not, the salary will be, whether the pension”, — said Novak.