The College of Physicians lifts restrictions on access to the abortion pill

College of Physicians lift restrictions on access to abortion pills


The College of Physicians of Quebec (CMQ) on Thursday updated the guidelines surrounding access to the abortion pill in the province by lifting all restrictions such as the obligation of systematic ultrasound and the obligation training of doctors.

“The role of the College is to ensure the protection of the public, but it also has a duty to ensure that its rules reflect advances in science, evidence, and the evolution of society. This is what he does [Thursday],” CMQ president Mauril Gaudreault said in a press release.

This question has been under study since last January in order to promote access to this medication, but has been brought to the fore in recent events surrounding access to abortion in the United States.

“Until now, the College required a pelvic ultrasound, in particular to ensure the gestational age and the location of the pregnancy. In addition, the doctor who had to prescribe the abortion pill had to undergo training if he was not familiar with this area of ​​​​practice of abortion, ”explained the College of Physicians.

The ultrasound obligation had however been modulated during the COVID-19 pandemic.

“Also from today, it is up to the doctor to ensure that he has the knowledge and skills necessary to prescribe this medication, as for any other care, medication or treatment, in accordance with its ethical obligations”, it was decided.

The CMQ will ensure that clinicians will still have training available to them on this medication, even if it will no longer be compulsory.

The question of telemedicine, the maximum number of weeks of gestation to prescribe it and the contribution of other professionals to prescribe the medication will also be studied by a working group set up.