The combination of these drugs with alcohol can lead to death

Doctor Elena Malysheva named five drugs combined with alcohol can seriously damage health or even lead to death.

Сочетание этих лекарств с алкоголем может привести к смерти

Paracetamol and other antipyretics based on it. During the joint drinking alcohol suffer from liver, which blocks the enzymes that destroy the paracetamol. As a result, the drug accumulates, and its toxic effect begins to appear until the liver damage and death, said Malyshev.

Antihistamines (used for allergies). They block the action of neutralizing the alcohol liver enzymes and toxic effect of alcohol increases. This leads at least to vomit.

Medications to increase potency. According to Malysheva, these drugs dilate the blood vessels that can lead to low blood pressure. In the same way is valid and alcohol. The result can be a catastrophic pressure drop.

Sleeping pills. Alcohol and sleeping pills are depressing on the Central nervous system, so that the respiratory center may simply stop working.

Clonidine. Like alcohol, it dilates blood vessels and lowers blood pressure. It can threaten a stroke.

In General, alcohol is better not to combine drugs. The outcome can be unpredictable.