The coming fall is not bright for these zodiac signs. They already have to prepare for the serious changes in their lives that await them

These three zodiac signs need to prepare for a difficult fall.

 The coming autumn is not bright for these signs of the zodiac.

According to the” Super Express “portal, the three signs of the zodiac must prepare for an extremely difficult September. Unfortunately, their perseverance will be put to hard test. Shortly after the vacation, they will face decisions that will have serious consequences for their entire lives. What signs of the zodiac are we talking about?

A difficult autumn is ahead of us

The summer will be calm and will not bring about any serious disturbances in the life of any of the zodiacal signs. And while changes may occur in their lives, they should not be radical or negative. Unfortunately, in the fall, an extremely difficult time will come for the three signs of the zodiac.

Representatives of these three characters will face major changes, perhaps the greatest and most dramatic in their lives. But even in the darkest of events, there is a bright side to it. This will also be the case for them.

 The coming autumn is not bright for these signs zodiac. Now they have to prepare for the serious changes in their lives.


People born under this zodiac sign now focus on rest and relaxation. Perhaps it will be easier for them to deal with what the coming fall is about to bring. A real life revolution awaits them in September. Problems will arise in both professional and private life.

The sheer volume of bad events will not only make Crayfish lose their motivation, but also retreat into themselves. At this time, it is worth having a friend next to you who will give Cancer a helping hand and keep them from falling into despair.


Capricorn & oacute; w an extremely difficult life test awaits. Their emotional relationships will be at a critical juncture. They will be hurt by a loved one and face the decision whether to end the relationship or try to forget the bad.

Although at first, the breakup will seem to Capricorn the only way out, it does not mean that it is the best. Autumn will force the representatives of this zodiac sign to redefine their idea of ​​love.

 The coming autumn is not painting in bright colors for these signs of the zodiac. They have to prepare now for the major changes in their lives ahead of them


< p> In autumn, the joy will leave the fish, which will also be related to the fact that someone very close to them will fail them. Problems will pile up and this zodiac sign will feel overwhelmed by life.

September is going to be worst. Already in October, there will be a person in Pisces' life who will allow them to catch their breath and help them master the haos that has crept into their lives.

You found yourself in a troubled fall that will not be pampered?