The company Akhmetov said, how much have you lost in 3 months

The loss of the company DTEK Energy, the ultimate beneficiary of which is Rinat Akhmetov, for the first quarter of the year amounted to 7.5 billion UAH.

В компании Ахметова рассказали, какую сумму потеряли за 3 месяца

This is indicated on the company website.

One of the reasons loss called the crisis in the Ukrainian electricity market, resulting in “prolonged disruption of the coal enterprises and thermal power stations of” DTEK Energo.

For the first 3 months of the year the number of power units the company, functioning day and night, fell to 16. A year ago, in the daytime he worked 27 power units of DTEK Energy, and night — 25.

Another reason for the loss was the sharp drop in the price of the stock segments of the Ukrainian electricity market. For the first quarter of the price “day ahead” fell 30% because of the restriction of the sale price of a Guaranteed Buyer, a revision of the PSO and change the formation of prices on the balancing market.

According to DTEK Energy, from January to March, electricity production fell by 37.8% to a value of 5.1 billion kWh.

In April, the storage company was 80% more coal than a year ago.

Another reason for the negative indicators of DTEK Energy was the weakening of the hryvnia due to the economic crisis, which was caused by the pandemic COVID-19.