The company Hydro-Quebec deal with the consequences of a hurricane (PHOTOS)

Компания Hydro-Quebec разбирается с последствиями урагана  (ФОТО)

Hydroelectric power of Quebec (Hydro-Quebec) is 80% restored power supply of the areas affected during a severe autumn storm on Friday.

However, about 168000 clients throughout the province for a second day without power.

Representative of the company, Sentrix Bouchard said that at the moment it is difficult to say how much time needed to connect all users.

He said that they will do everything possible to return everything to normal by the end of the day, but advised all who have turned off the electricity to temporarily leave their homes.

Emergency crews repaired the broken power poles and downed power lines caused by heavy rain and Gale-force winds on Friday.

From Michigan, Ottawa and new Brunswick reinforcements arrived to help nearly 1,100 employees Hydro-Quebec.

The number of those who remain without electricity, continues to gradually decrease from the moment on Friday when nearly a million people were without electricity. But the company’s representatives have warned that in some areas, residents may remain without electricity for a few days.

One man, 63-year-old man in the town of Bromont 85 kilometres East of Montreal, was the victim of this storm. He was killed when he was hit by a tree near his home.