The company sued because her cow was miserable

На компанию подали в суд, потому что её коровы были несчастны

For the American company Ben & Jerry’s sued the environmental lawyer, who said that the producer deceived consumers by telling that milk and cream that he uses for making ice cream, obtained exclusively from “happy cows.”

The complaint, filed last week, James Ehlers said that Ben & Jerry “violated the trust of consumers”, stating that milk and cream were obtained from cows on dairy farms in Vermont that participate in the program “Caring dairy”. This program requires that participating farms conform to various standards to ensure the humane treatment of cows.

In fact, only less than half of the milk and cream were obtained from “happy cows”, and the remainder from dairy “factory mass production”.

The plaintiff pointed out that the deception has allowed Ben & Jerry’s and its parent company Unilever Plc to raise prices on products, unjustly enriching and breaking the law on the protection of the rights of consumers of Vermont.