The company that tested the Pfizer vaccine was convicted of rigging the results

One of the companies involved in the Pfizer vaccine trial falsified the data. When the employee noticed this, she was fired, reports MEDUZA.

 The company that tested the Pfizer vaccine was convicted of rigging the results

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The British scientific journal The BMJ has issued an investigation into the violations. approved in clinical trials of the Pfizer/BioNTech coronavirus vaccine.

The Texas-based Ventavia Research Group, which participated in vaccine trials, falsified data and slowly tracked side effects, former regional director Brooke Jackson told the publication.

Ventavia Research Group is the largest privately held clinical research company in Texas. Brooke Jackson got a job there in September 2020, when the third phase of clinical trials of the vaccine had been going on for two months.

Prior to that, Jackson led clinical trials of other drugs for 15 years. She worked at Ventavia for only two weeks – and during this time, according to her, repeatedly reported violations to management.

The employees who monitored the quality of tests in the company were “overwhelmed” by the number of problems identified, notes The BMJ.

According to Jackson, she constantly reported to her superiors about lousy laboratory work, data integrity problems and shared concerns about patient safety, but nobody was interested.

The lack of attention to the problem led Jackson to record the violations on camera and transfer the materials to journalists and file a complaint with the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA).

Jackson claims that insufficiently qualified workers participated in the tests … So, after vaccination, laboratory employees threw used needles into the wrong container, and left printouts with prescriptions for the vaccine or placebo in the cards of test participants.

Therefore, there was no secret which of the subjects was injected with a placebo and who was vaccinated .

The staff was obliged to remove the printouts from the cards only two months after the start of the recruitment of participants, when about a thousand people registered for the tests.

According to Jackson, employees of the company did not observe the vaccinated immediately after the injection of the drug (this is necessary to be ready in case of an acute allergic reaction), did not monitor those who had side effects, stored the vaccine at the wrong temperature, incorrectly labeled laboratory samples. deviated from the vaccination protocol, which were not reported.

In addition, she said management harassed employees who spoke about these problems.

After notifying company management several times, Brooke Jackson sent e-mail a complaint to the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA), which deals with the examination and registration of drugs. Jackson was fired from Ventavia on the same day.

Ventavia was far from the only clinical organization (CRO) during the clinical trials of the Pfizer/BioNTech vaccine, with 153 centers being tested.

The FDA reviewed nine of them, but Ventavia was not included.

To prove her words, Jackson gave The BMJ dozens of internal company documents, photographs, video and audio recordings, the frames show needles thrown not into a container with sharp objects, but into a biological waste bag.

Her findings were confirmed by two more former employees, who spoke to the publication on condition of anonymity.
According to one of them, after Brooke Jackson's dismissal, Ventavia remained with the same problems.

For example, the company does not there were enough employees to test for coronavirus for all trial participants who reported symptoms similar to covid.

Another source said that following Jackson's firing, Pfizer learned about the problems at Ventavia and conducted a background check. Pfizer did not report this in the FDA filing.