The concert Ian and Maxine Christmas show in Russian: how to spend a weekend in the USA (3-5 January)

The first weekend of 2020 is worth it to spend it unforgettable. Where to go and what to do this weekend — read our reviews.

Концерт Яна Максина и новогоднее шоу на русском: как провести выходные в США (3-5 января)

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So, in NYC you can see a show of Glory of Polunin, SLAVA’S SNOWSHOW, listen to Russian folk tales and folklore for children in the library, or enjoy the charming music at the concert of Jan Maxine.

In Miami, you can attend the free master class for children, where your child will learn many interesting and useful things, or have fun at the jazz festival.

In Los Angeles visit the charming cactus garden or go for a Christmas tree “Winter in Buttermilk” in Russian in San Diego.

In the San Francisco Bay Area don’t miss the piano concert of music by S. Rachmaninov and the mushroom festival.

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In addition, interesting events for every day of the week you can find in our calendar. Come, learn and share with your friends. Before you visit, check on the website of the event details and venue as they can change.

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