The condition of the intestinal tract: seven ways to lose weight and get rid of the disease

Doctor Michaela AXT-Gadermann (Germany) explains how the seven steps to heal bowels, strengthening in it of good bacteria and eliminating the bad. This protects us from inflammation and helps to be slimmer, she says. The recommendations of the expert: diversity in food, the apples, probiotici, reduction of harmful components in the diet.

Оздоровление кишечника: семь способов похудеть и избавиться от болезней

To eat varied. According to the doctor, dietary diversity is useful for the intestines. It is home to various bacteria and nutrition the body should receive the most diverse products, said the expert.

Reduce fat and calories. The expert explains that bacteria Bifido and Akkermansia protect us from obesity and metabolic disorders, reduce the risk of inflammation in the intestine. In order to these types of spread, he recommends foods that are high in fiber and protein, but low carbohydrates.

Eat two apples a day with the skin. Daily two apples, according to the doctor, contribute to increasing the population of good bacteria and harmful force to partially disappear. In particular, the experiments show that the number of good bifidobacteria in the gut increases significantly only after 14 days of use of apples.

To unsubscribe from added fructose. Fructose in the added damages the intestinal barrier, says Michaela AXT-Gadermann. She advises to always carefully read the information on the packaging and avoid products with fructose (primarily of sweets, carbonated drinks and juices). To fresh fruit this is not true.

To consume foods with prebiotics. Chicory, artichokes, garlic and onions are known as prebiotics. For intestinal bacteria that make a person healthy and slim, these prebiotics – a welcome meal. Recycling prebiotics, they create an acidic environment which in turn stimulates the growth of other intestinal bacteria activity which provides weight loss.

Eat foods with probiotics. In the group of probiotics are foods that contain healthy live bacteria: yogurt, sauerkraut, pickled cucumbers, herring, yogurt.

To drink coffee without milk. AKST explains Gadermann, coffee without milk improves the condition of the intestinal mucosa and creates an acidic environment in the intestine, which protects it from harmful bacteria.