The conflict with Iran and health care for all: how was the last before the primaries the democratic debates

Discussion with the participation of six applicants is a few weeks before the beginning of the season of primaries and Caucus, writes “Voice of America”.

Конфликт с Ираном и здравоохранение для всех: как прошли последние перед праймериз дебаты демократов

Photo: screenshot YouTube video/NBC News

Potential presidential candidates from the Democratic party met in a televised debate in Iowa on January 14. Three weeks later, on February 3, the state will open the season of primaries and Caucus meetings, which will culminate in the announcement of the official candidate of the party. The focus of attention of the participants of the debate this time was the topic of Iran.

On stage on Tuesday rose six candidates – Joe Biden, Bernie Sanders, Elizabeth Warren, Pete Buttidzhich, Amy Klobuchar and Tom Stayer. The discussion between the Democrats, evidence of growing tension between some of them. The debate takes place against a backdrop of military tension with Iran and the upcoming trial of the impeachment of the President of Donald trump in the Senate.

War with Iran

At the beginning of the debate, the progressive Senator Bernie Sanders opposed themselves to the former Vice-President Joe Biden. Sanders recalled that in 2002, he actively opposed the approval of Congress for waging war against Iraq, the Associated Press reports.

Sanders called the invasion of Iraq “the biggest foreign policy mistake in modern history of this country.”

Biden acknowledged that in 2002 his voice in support of the war in Iraq was a “mistake,” but the former Vice President recalled that during his work in the Obama administration, Biden helped reduce the American military presence in the middle East.

Joe Biden, the current leader in the polls among the candidates-Democrats face serious resistance in the States that vote first, such as Iowa and new Hampshire, especially by the Senator from Vermont Bernie Sanders. One recent poll showed that Sanders is in the lead in Iowa.

At the same time, the tensions between Sanders and another representative of the liberal wing of the Democratic party, Senator from Massachusetts Elizabeth Warren. Positions Warren in recent polls has declined somewhat, but it still remains a strong candidate in Iowa and new Hampshire.

Конфликт с Ираном и здравоохранение для всех: как прошли последние перед праймериз дебаты демократов

Photo: screenshot YouTube video/NBC News

Elizabeth Warren, former Harvard Professor, and others said that they would take steps to bring back thousands of American soldiers from the Middle East. Warren said, “We must put an end to thinking that the answer to the problems of the world — to send American troops abroad.” To the question if she will leave any combat troops in the middle East, she replied: “No, we should return them”, writes The Voice of America.

Sanders said, “Americans are tired of endless wars.”

Another strong candidate in the States voting first, is the former mayor of the city of South bend, Indiana Pete Buttidzhich. He was the only war veteran who participated in the debate, said he can best serve as commander-in-chief of the country, because “the lessons of the past are personal to me”. Wealthy environmentalist Tom Stayer asserted that trump “is clearly no strategy” in relations with Iran, and agreed with Biden that it would take the efforts of the international coalition to curb its nuclear ambitions.

Health care for all

Biden, Sanders, Warren, and Klobuchar Buttidzhich again disagreed about health policy, with Sanders and Warren continues to insist on his revolutionary reforms to provide public health insurance for all Americans, while Biden, Klobuchar and Buttidzhich continued to defend measures that alter or are based on Obamacare, which is currently criticizing the administration trump.

Sanders asked about the estimates about the fact that his policies will double Federal spending on health care and bankrupt the country. “No, my plan will not bankrupt the country,” said Sanders, arguing that it would reduce administrative costs and bonuses thus to reduce overall health care costs. Klobuchar said, “I think you should show how you are going to pay for this, Bernie.”

Former new York mayor Michael Bloomberg did not satisfy the requirements for participation in the debate, but he rose in the polls after a massive advertising campaign on television, hoping to take part in the primaries in March.

“I know how to create jobs and build a business, not because I played the role of a business leader in the TV show, but because I really had that in real life,” said Bloomberg.

The outcome of the race in Iowa at the moment is not clear, says analyst John Fortier.

“The race fairly, but there is a clear leader – Joe Biden, and if not to throw the horse in the first States, its positions are quite strong,” said Fortier, who represents the bipartisan policy Center.

The pace of the campaign in the coming weeks will increase, as voters in Iowa and new Hampshire will be prepared to make the first judgments about the candidates.

Donald trump during an election meeting in Milwaukee criticized the Democrats, writes “Radio Freedom”. In particular, the President noted that Sanders and the left radicals will not be able to defend the country. Commenting on his decision about killing the Iranian General Qasem Soleimani, trump said that the Democrats would resent the war crimes of the Iranian, not the decision on its elimination.

Democrats will select its presidential candidate at the Convention in Milwaukee in July 2020. The Republicans did not appear popular opponent for President trump, and, as expected, for the party primaries will be a formality.

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