The construction of the SP-2 will not resume for at least another month

Строительство СП-2 не возобновится еще минимум месяц


Pipe-laying of Nord stream-2 suspended from 21 December

Despite the resolution of Denmark, the company Nord Stream AG 2 at least four weeks will not be able to start laying the pipes for a possible appeal.

Laying of pipes for gas pipeline Nord stream 2 South-East of the island of Bornholm will not start immediately after obtaining permission for the use of vessels with anchor positioning. Permission of the Danish energy Agency (DEA) for the use of such courts may be appealed to the Danish appeals Board on energy until August 3, was announced on Monday, July 6, TASS head of the press service of DEA Round Falbe-Hansen.

He noted that the company 2 the Nord Stream AG, which engaged in the construction of the pipeline, will have to wait at least four weeks.

“Today’s decision may be appealed to the Danish appeals Board on energy until August 3, and work during this period cannot be started”, — he said.

On the basis of article 2 paragraph 6 of the Law on the continental shelf of the right to appeal have “local and national associations or organizations, whose main task — protection of nature and environment, or those that because of their goals to protect significant interests in the field of recreation”.

Along with the complaint to these associations or organizations are required to submit their statutes to the Board of appeals as proof that they are local or national and what their purpose meets the specified requirements.

The appeal must be issued in writing within four weeks from the date of promulgation of the decision, that is, the appeal must be filed before August 3, 2020.

We will remind, today it became known, Cidadania allowed to finish SP-2 new courts.When laying of the Russian pipeline were allowed to use the pipe-laying with anchor positioning.

As you know, Denmark was the last country was kotalawala permission to stroitelstvom stream-2 — at the end of October last year.