The construction sector of Poland is afraid of losing Ukrainian workers

The Polish construction sector, which employs 400,000 people and accounting for 8% of the gross domestic product (GDP), are facing an unprecedented problem because of the fear of losing the Ukrainian workers.

Строительный сектор Польши опасается потерять украинских заробитчан

This writes Bloomberg, the League.

It is noted that the closure of the European borders carries huge risks for the Polish industry, which is estimated at 200 billion zlotys ($47 billion), and depends on migrants.

Particularly affected the construction sector. According to Bloomberg, Poland has left every fifth Ukrainian Builder, and potential Polish workers are unable to return to Poland.

“A serious lack of workers will lead to a significant reduction in the ability of the industry,” — said in an open letter to the government of the Polish Association of construction employers.

The business asks the Sejm to amend the package of economic stimulus measures and relief for builders-guest workers. In particular, extend the stay and work permits, to avoid fines and to suspend the collection of certain taxes and fees.

According to some estimates, 2 million Ukrainians work in Poland — one of the largest exporters of labour in Western Europe.

Since then, as Poland in 2004 joined the European Union, the country’s rapidly growing construction of road and rail, all types of buildings, so workers and architectural services are needed, so sites like can be really useful for these needs. Until recently, she was at the center of another investment activities financed by the EU.

The state road Agency of Poland plans to spend 143 billion zlotys until 2025, and contracts this year to 12.2 billion PLN. The main railway investor planned to spend another 15 billion zlotys this year. Now all these projects are under threat.

March 20-Poland has introduced a regime of epidemics due to the spread of the coronavirus.