The controversial Thriller Prilepin began to speak about the coup against Putin

Скандальный боевик Прилепин вдруг заговорил о перевороте против Путина

The Russian writer and the supporter “DNR” Zakhar Prilepin, who openly boasted of the murder of Ukrainians in the Donbass, suddenly became concerned about a possible overthrow of Putin.

A former militant in an article for one of the Russian sites have noted that the mood in Russia bring the perpetration of the coup.

The symptoms of a revolutionary situation Prilepin saw in the public reaction to the arrest of actor Paul Ustinov, who was given three and a half years in prison for allegedly dislocated shoulder Riot police during protests in Moscow.

“The government, which could rely on the most, his own people feared. Therefore, the real political force representing the majority — no. There are clubs millionaires of interests masquerading as politicians, who cared about the people. In this situation, an active minority — all the cards in your hand. And the minority fulfills technology capture power for their own purposes”, — he wrote.

According to the writer, about 10-15 percent of the population, “the Kremlin players”, part of the security forces, the radical liberal intelligentsia, the youth, cultural and financial elite want a revolution. And the chance to do this more and more.

“Public people who state choir “how long?” — say, “Come on you *** with your b***** the Maidan,” — less” — wrote Prilepin.

And according to the Russian writer-satirist and opposition leader Viktor Shenderovichand, in Russia already there was a coup: the police state is completely expelled from the streets of Moscow the Constitution.

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