The cost of gas in Europe fell by 19%

On Thursday, 21 may, the spot price of gas at the Dutch TTF exchange (contract delivery “next day”) has fallen by 19% from $ 45 to $ 34 per thousand cubic meters.

Стоимость газа в Европе упала на 19%

It is reported by Hvylya, citing “Interfax-Ukraine”.

It is noted that the Russian gas at this price only sell in one region in the main gas province in the Yamal-Nenets Autonomous district, where the industry regulated price is $ 36,8 per thousand cubic meters. It is emphasized that this is actually the price “at the well”.

Meanwhile, at the hub in Baumgarten, Austria, the most close to the Russian gas node, may 22, the price of gas was $ 53 per thousand cubic meters lost $ 10 per day.

Interfax has also estimated that for Gazprom profitable level of sales of gas to Europe is at the level of $ 100 per thousand cubic meters: $ 13 – the cost of production, $ 14 – tax on extraction of mineral resources, $ 27 – transportation in Russia, as well as at least $ 20 – transport to the target markets in Europe. In the end, more than $ 70, plus customs duty of 30%.

Analysts also expressed the opinion that the low prices are due to “some temporary technical nuances, such as the sale of gas traders because of the inability to find (or pay too high a price for) storage.”