The Côte-Nord economy affected by the pandemic

The economy of the North Shore affected by the pandemic mie


The pandemic has hurt the economy of the North Shore as business and factory closures have caused the loss of 5,500 jobs in the region between 2020 and 2022, according to a recent study by the Institute for Research in Contemporary Economics.

The region also finds itself with 4,300 vacant positions, or 1,400 more than in 2020.

The situation can be explained by two trends: the scarcity of labor caused by low wages, as well as competition and the shortage of labour, which includes the exodus and the aging of the population.

And commuting is not a sustainable solution, according to the Research Institute.

For its part, the MRC Manicouagan is trying to put in place winning conditions to attract workers to the region, such as daycare places.

The situation should improve over the next two years, according to the prefect Marcel Furlong.