The Council of the district Prague 6 took the decision to move the monument to Marshal Konev (PHOTO)

Совет района Прага-6 принял решение о переносе памятнику маршалу Коневу (ФОТО)

The Council of the district of Prague 6, on the administrative territory of which a monument to Soviet Marshal Ivan Konev, was adopted on Thursday the decision on his transfer. In the open voting it was supported by a majority of the members of the Supreme body of the municipal government, reports TASS.
For the transfer of the monument voted 33 present at the meeting of the Council for, 1 against and 6 abstentions.

On the site of the monument to Konev, under whose leadership the Soviet troops liberated Prague on may 9, 1945, according to the decision of the Board shall be a monument of liberation of Prague.

The municipality will find a Playground, which will be moved a monument to Soviet Marshal. The best place for him would be a Museum or other institution specializing in the preservation of historical monuments, according to deputies.

Prague authorities-6 will announce a public competition to design the monument of liberation of Prague. As evident from the recent meeting of the Council of the Prague-6 discussions, he must reflect the heroism of the fallen soldiers and the tragedy taken in 1945, the Soviet counterintelligence SMERSH of the Czech capital in the Gulag received the Czechoslovak citizenship by emigrants from Russia, who were forced to leave, fleeing from Stalin’s regime.

Daughter of Marshal Konev said earlier, the army weekly “Star” that the monument to her father to be transported from Prague to Moscow.

Monument is Konev established in Prague in 1980 in honor of the 35 th anniversary of liberation from Nazi troops of the 1st Ukrainian front, commanded commander.

This year the debate about the fate of the monument is deteriorated, after the monument to the Soviet military commander once again doused with red paint, and the mayor of the district of ondřej kolář refused to clean it. This caused protests from the Russian foreign Ministry, and the monument cleared volunteers.

The mayor of Prague 6 ondřej kolář has repeatedly offered to transfer the disputed monument on the territory of the Embassy of the Russian Federation or the Museum. After the administration closed the monument with a protective film to prevent further acts of vandalism to the head of the district administration began to receive threats of physical violence, and the film repeatedly thwarted.

The head of the Ministry of culture of Russia Vladimir Medinsky, commenting on the situation around the monument to Soviet Marshal, was named ondřej Kolář “Gauleiter regional scale” , which closed the monument protective screen and insists on moving it to another location.

The Minister of foreign Affairs of the Czech Republic tomáš Petricek has suggested Vladimir Medina to apologize for his words. On 8 September in a television interview the head of the parliamentary party Peter Fiala stressed that “the Czech Republic has the right to demand an apology”. “And major powers should talk to us respectfully, as it should be doing against an independent state,” said Petr Fiala.

The interior Minister of the Czech Republic, Chairman of the social democratic party Jan hamáček commented with the words: “the Russian Minister has missed, as was once said of Jacques Chirac, “a great opportunity to remain silent”. In my opinion, it’s none of his business and such statements to the Czech Republic and the elected representatives, even we are talking about the representatives of the district, excessive, and generally needlessly complicate the situation.” At the same time Jan hamáček said that “to demolish the monuments of that age are already late.”

Former Chairman of the NATO Military Committee Peter Paul, former MP Ivan Hrabal, a former Deputy defense Minister Daniel Kostival and the father of the headman of ondřej Kolář Petr kolář, who previously held the post of Czech Ambassador to USA and Russia, appealed to the Minister of culture of the Russian Federation with an open letter in which he stressed that “intervention in the debate in the Czech Republic about the monument to Konev unacceptable.”

“Unfortunately, the deliberately false and disgusting bringing the example of the Nazi party proves that the rhetoric of some representative of your country since Stalin’s time has not changed much. This fact convinces us that the private issues we have to decide for themselves”, – said in the message.