The couple was removed from the flight due to hysteria and homophobia: they believe that they were punished for sympathizing with Trump

A couple of passengers were removed from a JetBlue flight in Florida after they “shouted racist and homophobic slurs,” but the wife claimed they were removed because they were Trump supporters, according to the NYPost.

< p>The couple was removed from the flight due to hysteria and homophobia: they believe they were punished for sympathizing with Trump

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First posted to TikTok and then posted to Reddit, the footage shows a woman giving a tirade on board a plane in West Palm Beach.

“Do you guys see what's going on in America? she screams. – He didn't like what we said and now they're throwing us out of the plane and you all have to wait.”

“This is fucking outrageous! We'll turn into China – it's coming,” she continues to rant. – You don't like the words that come out of my mouth. No words! No words! Free speech is dead!”


At one point, the woman's husband utters homophobic slurs, but mostly sits silently during the woman's nervous breakdown.

The woman also claims to have once been a dancer on Broadway and praises Elon Musk, saying, “He's the best…he's the fucking king!”

She also yells that she “won't make the damn vaccine” and calls masked passengers “sheep”.

The woman drew ridicule from other passengers as she threatened to sue the airline and the man who filmed the wild video.

“Sorry, it’s our anniversary,” she also says as she is taken off the plane.

At one point, she screams, “We have to get off the plane, because we are Trump supporters.”

“Seriously, I really think so,” she continued.

Charlotte D’Alessio, who posted the video on TikTok, wrote: “A couple shouting racist and homophobic slurs will not get off a plane leaving West Palm Beach today. A free show for everyone on board.”

Last week, the Federal Aviation Administration announced that its “zero tolerance policy” for uncontrolled passengers would become permanent.

The agency implemented the policy on January 13 2021, having seen an alarming number of incidents. Under this policy, the FAA imposes fines on passengers who behave inappropriately, instead of warning letters or consultations.

“The zero tolerance policy, combined with the agency’s public awareness campaign, has helped reduce incident rates by more than 60 percent. The FAA will continue to work with its airline, worker, airport, security and law enforcement partners to continue to reduce incidents,” the agency said in a statement.