The court denied trump’s possible to block critics on Twitter


The habit of the President of the United States Donald trump to block critics on Twitter is at odds with the First amendment to the U.S. Constitution (guaranteeing freedom of expression and access to information). To make this decision on 9 July came a Federal appeals court in new York.

Суд лишил Трампа возможности блокировать критиков в Twitter

Photo: screenshot of twitter

Speaking as part of the panel of three judges in the US court of Appeals for the second circuit in Manhattan, judge Barrington Parker stated that the account of President @realDonaldTrump Twitter really is a public forum, and “as soon as the President chose the platform and opened this interactive space to millions of users and contributors, it may not selectively exclude those with whose views he did not agree.”

In the oral arguments on the case in March, the judges repeatedly rejected the argument of the Department of justice that trump can use his Twitter account to disseminate information on government policy, but this account is not considered a public forum.

The decision of the Board supports the decision of the Federal judge of Manhattan Naomi rice Buchwald in this case. After this decision, trump has unlocked the critics, but appealed to the court of appeal.

Trump more than 60 million followers on Twitter.

In comments after the court decision Knight First Amendment Institute at Columbia University, who filed the lawsuit, said that this decision will help “to ensure the viability of digital spaces, which are becoming increasingly important for our democracy.”

“The accounts of public servants in social networks are currently one of the most important forums for discussion of government policy,” — said in a press release, Executive Director of the Institute Jamil Jaffer.

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