The court invalidated the liquidation of the Bank Premium

Суд признал незаконной ликвидацию банка Премиум

The Bank was liquidated in 2016 for violation of financial monitoring. The Supreme court has recognized this decision illegal.

The Supreme court invalidated the Premium liquidation of the Bank by the Central Bank of Ukraine, shows the registry of judgments of 15 July.

APU refused the appeal of the Bank against the Bank’s Premium and decided to cancel the decision of the regulator to liquidate the Bank and to cancel the decision of the DGF on the beginning of the liquidation procedure.

Recall, the NBU decided to liquidate the Bank Premium on 11 February 2016, arguing its decision in violation of financial monitoring.

In connection with the decision of the Supreme court, representatives of the Bank require to open criminal cases against involved in the decision.

“We demand on the basis of laws of Ukraine and Constitution of Ukraine public apology NBU to shareholders, staff and depositors of the Bank Premium, the opening of criminal cases against the leadership of the NBU, and the NBU Board, criminal acts which resulted in huge losses of citizens of Ukraine”, — reads the statement of the representatives of the Bank.

In addition, the Bank requires monetary compensation, which should be considered the starting value of the destroyed businesses, lost profits for 4.5 years for free use of the money in the account of the Bank in NBU, and non-pecuniary damages.

Moreover, representatives of the Bank required to restore his license, which blocked the so-called banking act.

In this regard, they appeal to President Vladimir Zelensky.

Note, at the time of liquidation, the Bank was placed on the 47th place in the ranking of the NBU 165 in effect at that time.The Bank had no debt nor the state, nor the Central Bank, and tangaroa a comprehensive review of the regulator for the period 2012-2015 without comment.