The court will be the next stage in the case of man of Anjou (PHOTO)

В суде пройдет очередной этап по делу Мэн Ванчжоу  (ФОТО)

Today will be another court session on the case of man of Anjou, one of the leaders of Huawei, which, as expected, will hear arguments in connection with the disclosure available on the case documents before trial for extradition.

In court documents released last month, the defense argued that the man was illegally detained at the Vancouver airport in December last year on the orders of the American authorities.

Lawyers for the man argued that canadian officials acted as “agents” of the Federal Bureau of investigation, but say that the question which remains outstanding is to what extent and how the FBI was involved in what they describe as a “scheme”.

None of the statements in this case hasn’t yet been tested in court.

The man was arrested at the request of the United States who seek her extradition on charges of fraudulent violation of sanctions against Iran.

And man, and Chinese technology giant Huawei denied any wrongdoing.

Her arrest sparked a diplomatic crisis between Canada and China.

Man is chief financial officer for Huawei and the daughter of the founder of the company.

The court on its extradition will not begin until January 20. Man released on bail and lives in Vancouver.