The creators have revealed the first secrets of the preparation of the show “s history Rsday Tnou Carol”

22, 23 and 24 December in the “sports Palace” will be held on 4 concert of “the history of Radwan s Tnow Carol”, a televised version of which “1+1” will show on the new year holidays. On a warm family show which will unite the Ukrainian tradition and social mission, popular Ukrainian stars in the fairy-tale image will perform carols and wedrowki.

Создатели открыли первые секреты подготовки шоу «Різдвяна історія з Тіною Кароль»

Soulful Christmas concert will revive the centuries-old Ukrainian tradition and show the importance of spiritual values. Famous artists — MONATIK, TIME AND GLASS, THE HARDKISS, DZIDZIO, KAZKA, Беz you like, Oleg Skrypka and VV, MICHELLE ANDRADE, KHAYAT and stars “Voice of the Country”will sing carols in unexpected modern twist. And the teams of the “Women’s Quarter”, bright participants of the show “Dances with stars z”, the orchestra of the Armed forces of Ukraine and the “Kalyna” ensemble will add even more color and atmosphere of a family holiday.

In anticipation of the gala concerts, the artists involved in the active process of rehearsal and the creators revealed the first details of the atmospheric Christmas story.

As told by Tina, the audience can expect a fabulous reincarnations and unconventional productions.

“I am very pleased that all the artists ready to experiment and easily supported our ideas. Together we want to give viewers the real story and have already started to rehearse, to think through to the details images. Someone will be more contemporary, and someone will plunge into the history and revive the ancient spirit of Christmas. You will not see those familiar to you artists, in “Radvany z istoriï Tnou Carole” everything will be fabulous: music, images, costumes, a miracle, a Nativity scene and the tradition”, — says the atmosphere of Tina Karol.

A favorite of all kids and adults, good and positive Dzidzo on the stage will create the extravaganza is a gingerbread house, and he will transform into gingerbread, which is traditionally associated with Christmas. He will sing a famous Ukrainian Carol “Nova radist become” in the modern interpretation will connect her with her hit single “Vihidny”. And the company will make him young band “Open kids”.

“I duzhe love carols sche s ditinstva, you know h to dosit are many, — says Mikhail Jiji. — Upevneny scho ukraïnsku tradition kolyadovat situati need sbergami ( a peragawati will nastepnym pokolinnya. If I trimas zaproshennya from TNI take Carol a fate at such radvanov show, then duzhe tradw! Bo Christmas — TSE same ones Rodinne Holy, Yak I love nails, if sbiraetsya the birthplace of all. Room, that mi came up with s postanowieniami, bude Shirim I escrevam! Simbolon scho I vistupali s dtcaj, that nails checkout Noworry Holy I RSDA”.

In unusual lyric roles will appear in the rock band “Беz you like”.To the accompaniment of a Symphony orchestra they will perform the popular hit — the lullaby “Silent night” (“Silent night”) and connect it along with his song “SOR of sapalli”. Vocalist Sergey Taninecz, which called the Ukrainian Frank Sinatra, soulful and strong tone will give the Christmas song a new breath.

“We’ve met with the actors, rehearsed it, and I can imagine how it will look cozy! If you’re sitting at home with family by the fireplace, drinking cocoa, and outside the window the falling snow flakes. Looking forward to share this mood with the audience”, says Tina.

What else will surprise the artists in “Radvany z istoriï Tnou Carol”, and what a surprise prepared MONATIK, will be known soon.

The production of the project will be managed by the creators of the most popular show “Dances with stars z” and “Golos Krainy” — a team of large entertainment projects, “1+1 Production” under the leadership of Vladimir Zawaduk and Directors-Directors will be Natalia Lysenkova, Nataliya Rovenskaya and Maria Grigorashenko whose part of a performance for the popular American artist Pink made a splash in the world.

Gala concerts will take place on 22 December (16:00 and 20:00), 23 and 24 December (20:00) in the “sports Palace”, a TV version of the show, the channel “1+1” will show on Christmas holidays.

We will note, participants of the “Radano z istoriï Tnou Carol” will also be outstanding personalities who have demonstrated significant achievements in the past year. Artists, athletes, public figures and talented children — Tina Karol will bring together the best of the best for celebrating the most soulful time of year. Also, the singer along with the touching project “Sdisney a dream” will bring to life the big dreams of small children to give healing joy and hope. And among the audience in the hall during the concert will compete for valuable Christmas gifts.