The creators of the series “Friends” has informed sensational news

After years of talk about the fact that the actors who played the main characters in the famous TV series “Friends” can once again be collected on the same set, it became known that this will happen. This information was announced by the publication Deadline.

Создатели сериала «Друзья» сообщили сенсационную новость

In fact, rumors of the possibility of such turn of events were quite a long time. And, Jennifer aniston has repeatedly said that all the actors would be for if they show, closed in 2004-m to year, was resumed. However, the producers of the show were strongly against. As stated by one of the creators of the show David crane, the show, in his opinion, needs no continuation, because all the storyline is completed. And here now it became known that will not shoot a sequel, and some “special shows of the reunion,” which will be broadcast on HBO Max.

In what form is it going to be — whether it’s something like a talk show with the participants of the project or narrative film, not yet reported. But we know that all six actors — 50-year-old aniston, 55-year-old Courtney Cox, the 56-year-old Lisa Kudrow, 53-year-old David Schwimmer, 52-year-old Matt LeBlanc and 50-year-old Matthew Perry — will be involved in the project. Aniston has managed to prepare fans for the possibility of a reunion of Friends. Less than a month ago, she first published in his Instagram photo of all six, making its page on the social Network in an incredibly short time has collected 1 million followers. Which, incidentally, has shown how much fans of the series eager to see their idols together.

Besides, recently, on a TV show at TV show Ellen DeGeneres, Jennifer intrigued all saying mysteriously that she and her five colleagues just now “work together on something”. Anyway, wait for the results of their joint work, apparently, not for long. So in the foreseeable future, the curiosity of the fans of “Friends” will be satisfied.