The current habits of motorists cannot be maintained

The current habits of motorists cannot be maintained


The current habits of motorists who reach Montreal and the South Shore cannot be maintained after the start of the mega-construction of the Louis-Hippolyte – La Fontaine tunnel in about ten days, indicated the door -word of the Jacques-Cartier Bridge and the old Champlain Bridge. 

“We all have tools that we can deploy, we all have a limited capacity, the big unknown is the behavior of users. What are people going to do?” said Nathalie Lessard, in an interview Thursday at QUB radio. 

“If people keep taking the solo car, it's sure going to be congested.” According to her, the Jacques-Cartier Bridge, which is already very congested, cannot be the only solution. 

“We cannot widen the Jacques-Cartier Bridge. There are five lanes and clearly they are already very busy during peak hours.”

With the closure of three lanes in the tunnel, 16% of the road capacity between both shores will be lost. The status quo is therefore “not an option”, argued the spokesperson.

“There are public transport options, there is carpooling, variable timetables also which are studied by freight transport, but there is no magic recipe,” she said.

The return to public transport for people who have the possibility is the one of the solutions proposed by the spokesperson, but also by the Legault government, which campaigned around this plan B.

“The [road] network is old, it absolutely must be taken care of” , reminded Ms. Lessard about the many works on the city's bridges.