The curse of the “perfect nanny”: it became known about the fight against cancer “twin” car crash in the US (photos)

Проклятие «прекрасной няни»: стало известно о борьбе с раком «двойника» Заворотнюк в США (фото)

Many fans of the sitcom “My fair nanny” for a long time talking about evil rock, who has played in it actors. First, a terrible disease took Jeanne Friske, who auditioned for the main role, and then died of cancer Lyubov Polishchuk, now follow the fate of the “Wiki nanny” Anastasia Zavorotnyuk. According to reports in the media, she is fighting brain cancer, however, news about the actress as the most controversial, writes a portal”.ru”.

But, it turns out that the curse applies not only to Russian actors.

The characters telehita “nanny”, which aired in America from 1993 to 1999 (Russian “My fair nanny” has become an adaptation), is also faced with serious problems.

Проклятие «прекрасной няни»: стало известно о борьбе с раком «двойника» Заворотнюк в США (фото)

The main role in the overseas hit was played by actress Francine Drescher — she personally made up the whole story from beginning to end, and then brilliantly played herself.

Of course, “nanny” is the best thing ever happened to me!” confessed after a successful series American actress.

For her role she received two Emmy awards and received two nominations for “Golden globe”. But dizziness from success was short-lived. Immediately after the end of the series, in June 2000, the ever-busy actress had to stop abruptly: at 42 years old the doctors diagnosed her with uterine cancer, then the life of the actress hit the skids.

Frances Drescher admitted that he did not know how to live.

Проклятие «прекрасной няни»: стало известно о борьбе с раком «двойника» Заворотнюк в США (фото)

“I had it all: a beautiful home, wonderful friends and a husband with whom together we have created a “Nanny”… And suddenly, the verdict of the doctors,” — told the actress.

For two years she fought the disease and managed to beat her. Moreover, to cope with cancer managed through treatment and Chinese herbs.

“I drank infusions for two years, and my body cleansed. So I defeated the most dangerous disease and I want to tell everyone about it. The power is in ourselves, and it is the best medicine” — says Francis Drescher.

Healing the actress took as a gift and decided that I needed to help everyone who is suffering from cancer. She spares no expense and helps people around the world.

Проклятие «прекрасной няни»: стало известно о борьбе с раком «двойника» Заворотнюк в США (фото)

After the miraculous healing Drescher has created a Fund to support women suffering from cancer. The main goal of the organization is to provide early diagnosis of the disease, for which the actress and patrons do not spare the money. Its program 61-year-old Drescher and today carries around the world, traveling to countries as Ambassador on health issues of women.

As previously reported “FACTS”, the PR Director Zavorotnyuk told about the state of health of the actress: turns out the media from giving the infamous producer of “exaggerate”, describing her condition.

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