‘The cutest criminal’: police dog caught stealing Christmas toys

Everyone has heard about the Grinch who stole Christmas, but how about the fact that it is able and a Golden Retriever? USA Today tells a nice story of how a police dog from Massachusetts has quietly been stealing collected for charity Christmas toys and caught in the hot, when her crime is captured on video.

'Самый милый преступник': полицейская собака попалась на краже рождественских игрушек

Photo: Depositphotos

Yearling dog police Department Franklin named Ben Franklin was caught in the hot, when she was stealing the children’s toys that are reserved by the Department for the Santa Fund, a charitable organization based in Franklin.

When the dog did that posing as a shaggy Grinch, officer Eric Casson recorded on video, as Ben pulled the doll in the children’s toy carry and carried her in his mouth. His fluffy tail swayed back and forth when Ben Franklin was walking down the corridor of the police Department to his shelter.

“We learned an extremely valuable lesson today — said the Department later on his page in Facebook. — If you have a full class of toys ready to be sent to the Fund for Santa Claus, you must…

1. Close the classroom door, or
2. Keep toys higher.

Otherwise, a Golden Retriever will slowly collect them during the day and haul in their lair.”

On Tuesday evening the Department has collected dozens of gift packages for local families — the result is more than 100 toys. This is the fifth annual collection of toys held by the police. In the framework of support families receive Christmas gifts in the last pre-holiday weekend.

According to Sergeant Brian Johnson, the room was crowded with gifts, which are vividly interested in fun young dog. Social network users have been fascinated by Ben Franklin and called him “the cutest criminal in the world.”