The daughter of a captain posing in their underwear

The adopted daughter of the captain Natalia Gorovaya continues to surprise and delight the audience with bright images and videos that are published on his page in social network Instagram

Дочь Потапа позировала в одном белье

Daughter Irina Gorovoy from his first marriage who currently lives with her mother, has published a new photo social network Instagram.

Natasha horova actively involved in sports and lead a healthy lifestyle, so enjoy showing off toned figure.

This time, the adopted daughter of the artist decided to show itself in a new and bold way, and to talk about important successes. Thus the Natalia showed itself in the bright image in their underwear.

“22 🍾 be like .. Not perfect , but that’s me 👋🏼 actually nobody is perfect. We all have flaws — crooked teeth, big nose, eyes mow shepelevichi, large cheeks, belly, cellulite, fat fingers, thin hair and so,” – says Natalia with a new post.

At the same time she notes that true beauty lies in it’s individuality. You have to accept yourself, love yourself. Because there is no more charming man than the one who loves herself and radiates this love to others.
“We all have flaws and that’s fine 💛 should not dwell on them and get depressed! Heeey, smile. You’re beautiful and nice man ❣ my butt ” – makes its conclusion the girl washitaw thus users of Instagram.