The daughter of Cindy Crawford and puzzled at the unexpected recognition

Daughter Cindy Crawford new pictures, pleased their fans, which at Kaya, despite his youth, many — almost 5 million. She published a photo, which many consider stylish, seductive and absolutely not vulgar.

Дочка Синди Кроуфорд озадачила неожиданным признанием

18-year-old girl posed for Topless shots, however, at the same time, Kaya, educated mother Cindy in severity, managed to keep a low profile, not fully showing his naked chest. The follower model found these shots of the “charming”, and the Kaya — “amazing”.

In addition to his graceful and delicate figure and face, almost untouched by makeup, Kaya, is strikingly similar to his mother, showed in these pictures and part of his bedroom. After all, her daughter Cindy was photographed sitting in front of a mirror, which reflected the wall of her room, decorated with black and white photos in a frame, and good size wardrobe model with her outfits.

Interestingly, although Kaya has repeatedly blamed excessive, according to some, thinness, in a recent interview, famous glossy publication, she stated that she has an excellent appetite! Moreover, Kaya, whom evil tongues accused of anorexia, swears that she loves pasta! Moreover, she eats it more than once a month, as you would think, but constantly. “I can’t imagine a day without having to not to eat pasta. My favorite option — Penne sauce vodka. And this dish I can cook myself! And it is especially valuable because the pasta cooks easily and quickly. And I can do it in any corner of the world where I was not at work…” he told Charlie. But that’s not all: superstrada daughter Cindy swears she allegedly indulging in the desserts. She claims she loves high-calorie treat ice cream — “banana split” with caramelized nuts and whipped cream. So one can only wonder how she manages to keep her figure with this diet.