The daughter of Cindy Crawford has lost the status of a humble girl

18-year-old American model and the daughter of Cindy Crawford Kaia Gerber has always been a modest girl, who filed his peers and colleagues example. Recently, however, she often behaves in public provocatively and her indecent behavior enters into shock. With what or with whom is associated the rebellion?

Дочь Синди Кроуфорд потеряла статус скромной девочки

Recently, the network appeared the pictures of the model that were made by paparazzi on a beach in Miami.

The photos show how Kaya and her 26-year-old a new young person, Pete Davidson, caress each other right on the beach. The public said that such behavior is inappropriate in such a public place.

Kaya appeared on the beach in a very revealing swimsuit pure black. We can say that fabric it was so small that he almost didn’t cover private parts of the model. Perhaps this is why Davidson did not hold back his feelings. Initially pair housed on two separate benches, and enjoyed the weather and the ocean, and then began passionately kissing. After a moment they were on the same bed and their kiss had already spread throughout the body.

All visitors to the beach noticed such a candid picture that began to unfold in front of them. Most people, of course, was left embarrassed by the behaviour of young people. Some noticed that the time on the beach was quite a large number of children who had unwittingly observe the development of relations.

Apparently the daughter of Cindy Crawford fully lost mind from the love of Pete. Their romance began recently, for the first time the paparazzi noticed Davidson when he came out in the morning from the house of Kaya. It happened at the end of September and the couple decided not to hide their relationship after photos. They stopped hiding, started to appear at social events together. Kaya even wears on his chest a chain with a pendant in the form of first letters of the name of her lover.

The girl is worried that her boyfriend doesn’t have a very good reputation, and indeed it is called a “serial womanizer”. And not just that, but recently he initiated termination of the engagement by Ariana Grande, and, last year, he has changed three girls. And with Kaye, he started Dating while still in a relationship with a former lover.